Premark PHARMA

Focused on the development and commercialisation of novel topical treatments for inflammatory diseases of the skin, eye, mucosae and mucocutaneous surfaces

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Our Company

  • Premark Pharma is a privately-owned company, established in Switzerland in April 2018
  • The lead investor is a consortium of US-based ophthalmologists
  • The team includes experts in ophthalmic clinical practice, drug development and strategic marketing

Our Target

  • Blepharitis is a common, chronic inflammatory eye disease for which there is currently no approved treatment
  • Premark Pharma’s primary business objective is to achieve marketing approvals in EU and US for pimecrolimus formulations to treat blepharitis, dry eye and ocular surface inflammation

Our Lead Assets

  • Premark’s lead assets are novel ophthalmic formulations of pimecrolimus, a well characterised and clinically proven topical anti-inflammatory compound
  • PMP2207 is an ointment specifically formulated for the treatment of blepharitis. Phase 3 studies will commence shortly
  • PMP1606 is a liquid suspension for the treatment of dry eye and inflammatory diseases of the ocular surface. A Phase 3 programme is currently being planned